About Us


Platinum Tops was founded by Christchurch based Solid Surface Master Craftsman Brent Perrow in 2013.

Brent has been in the benchtop industry since 1989 and has set up and run acrylic departments in three major Christchurch benchtop companies along with training acrylic installers nationally. As well as fabricating some pretty cool things such as the acrylic surfaces in the Koru Lounge here in Christchurch and a number of architecturally designed fit outs and benchtops in both award winning homes and commercial facilities.

So, he thought it was about time to go out on his own and give it a crack and what a great journey that has been.

“This has been very rewarding over the years and I have meet some really neat people along the way. I thrive on making people happy and giving our clients an awesome, hassle free experience in getting a exceptional quality acrylic benchtop. Our benchtops can not be faulted & I have the attitude that every top no matter how big or small should be absolutely perfect in everyway, we have been praised for this a number of times. All of our trade customers are very pleased to have us as a supplier as we have exceptional quality, service & communication.”

Unlike other benchtop suppliers who supply a few different benchtop surfaces, we specialize only in acrylic solid surface. So it’s fare to say we know our stuff!

We have hand picked five top quality brands which can be viewed on the products page with well over 100 colours available from plain whites to veined colours to mimic marble or granite such as the Staron Supreme range.

“I have worked with numerous different brands over the years and there has been a number inferior products come into the country which all come with their own issues, from cracking to yellowing and even adhesive failure. I have found that only 100% acrylic to be of top quality. So have chosen only to use the best of products


One of the highlights of Brent’s career was attending the International Solid Surface Expo in Las Vegas back in the early 2000’s.

“This was a very educational trip, I learnt a lot about different fabrication techniques from thermoforming to getting the perfect finish and a few tricks of the trade to get the perfect outcome, also what machinery, tools and products were available on the world market and not just here in NZ. I have put a lot of this into the way we do things now and it works great”

If you would like a free no obligation quote or estimate, please send us a plan with sizes of what you are after to info@platinumtops.co.nz  it would also be helpful if you could give us an indication on what sort of colour you are after as there are a lot of different pricing options. If you could also let us know what area you are in.


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