Acrylic solid surface benchtops provide the highest of quality and up to date modern designs. They offer an endless option for design and colour, the product can be molded and shaped to suit the customer’s needs. With seamless joints the solid surface is very fire retardant and resistant to bacteria. The most practical uses for acrylic will be found in elegant kitchens, healthcare kitchens, and commercial businesses.

Acrylic is highly desirable for kitchens, bathrooms, window sills, bar tops, and reception desks. It can also be used to create shower walls which surround a bathtub. Because of its versatility you will find it in many hotels, restaurants, and medical clinics. The surface is easy to clean and care for and retains its quality for many years. It can also be repaired if for any reason it becomes damaged.

We use a number of quality brands including:



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